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This endeavor started with this soon-to-be-divorced New York expat writer (who desperately wanted a friend) scrolling through Facebook and reading about an adventure group that popped into my newsfeed. Suddenly, I was creating an event for art-farts thinking no one would go but, I WAS SO WRONG! Nine women also living their journey threw caution to the wind and actually met me for a hike.

Like, holy smokes. Not only did we instantly connect and exhale a sigh of the communal kind, but we even extended our journey after our walk to a local restaurant to enjoy lunch together. Because of LVWoA, I've felt comfortable creating unconventional adventures that are always met with a you-go-girl spirit.

— Dawn Turzio


An impromptu trip to Kanab UT with the LVWOA had me longing for more! With LVWoA you can Achieve, Develop, Venture, Experience, Nurture, Trust, Unite, Relax and Explore! "Strength is derived from unity. The range of our collective vision is far greater when individual insights become one." - Unknown. Wishing the best to all of our members!

— Annie Delong


Since joining LVWoA, i've met some wonderful women and enjoyed bonding through our mutual appreciation for the outdoors. The instant companionship that l've felt with this group is incredible; everyone has their own story and brings a unique perspective - it's really inspiring. The ability to choose from multiple events (or host your own!) showcases the fact that the outdoors are for anyone... all you have to do is show up and start exploring, and you'll never walk alone.

— Allison Young


The women I have met through LVWoA are my family. Having them to reach out to and support each other means so much. My mom was my best friend as we grew old together, but now that she is no longer here, these women have become my support system for so many aspects of my life.

— Norma Visnar


I'm so happy to have found this group. I used to go on hikes when I was in my 20s. I've never been a fan of Winter activities, however, getting out now with these adventurous women has made me feel younger and more in tune with nature and the world around me! Plus, I'm making new friends and hoping to get back in shape.

— Sandi Molnar


Jackie, thank you. You've given me something to look forward too; commraderie on the trails. For the first time in a long time, I feel connected and like I belong. Friendships are being formed, encouraging words are said and healthy lifestyles are being promoted; no judgements by anyone.

— JS


I love the fact that I belong to an awesome group of women that make up Lehigh Valley Women of Adventure! I love exercising, taking walks and hikes!

This group is great because I get to do what I love in nature, while meeting new people and making friends!!

— Lynn Eberhardt


What have I gotten from joining LVWOA? Got excited about getting outside, making new friends and stretching myself. I love that we're very inclusive (all sorts of hikes including Turtles Unite, kids allowed, puppies allowed). As someone living with cancer, it gets hard sometimes to be motivated to keep exercising, and all the positive posts I see are very helpful.

— Helen Sunga


Love this great group of women and what they stand for.<3

— Connie Schubert


I just want to say this group is the best! I try to get out once a weekend to walk or hike, as it's more than I ever do. I am so glad Jackie started this group. I've been a member since the beginning although it took some courage to get me out there.

Once I'm out, I feel better for making myself do it!

— Lissa J. Wuchter


Lehigh Valley Women of Adventure is such an awesome concept, composed of an even more awesome group of women looking not only to experience the outdoors together but also to grow and to be challenged individually. Just "joining" and then showing up for a 1st hike on January 7, 2023 at Trexler Game Preserve was a huge personal challenge- throwing me out of my comfort zone- but what an amazing, rewarding way to start 2023! Thus far my biggest challenge but the most extraordinary experience was to show up at the Bake Oven Knob parking lot on top of the Blue Mt. on the snowy morning of January 26, 2023 at 6:45 am to hike along for a bit with 76-year old Birthday Girl on her Appalachian Trail thru-hike. Unforgettable. Thank you, LV Women of Adventure, for who you are and for who you will help us become!

— Janie Miller


I joined LVWOA right after I saw it aired on the local news. As soon as I saw it I said out loud "these are my people!'. I have loved every walk and so enjoy getting to build new friendships. I feel privileged to be part of this wonderful group. Plus we have so much dang fun! Looking forward to all the adventures ahead. This group entered my life at the perfect chapter.

— Terri Plimpton


Each and every woman I've been blessed to meet through this group has a story to share. This is a space for women to overcome challenges, heartaches, and - most importantly - their own expectations. I know I certainly have! They say you are who you surround yourself with: I love surrounding myself with women of adventure!

— Kristin Laudenslager


As a busy mom of two elementary aged kids, it's wonderful to have the ability to interact with other women and spend some time outside in nature. I've been on a few hikes/walks and each one was so different, but also so much fun! I am looking forward to meeting more fabulous women!

— Robin Muth


I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group. Women of all ages coming together to share the love of the great outdoors and share stories of their lives. "If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere.!!

— Laura Ingalls Wilder


The reasons I joined LVWoA are basic:

companionship, motivation, and enjoyment. I have always enjoyed walking and hikes on easier trails, mostly in warmer months of the year April through November). After becoming a widow, a little over a year ago, I opted not to get outdoors as much as in previous years. One morning in January 2023, while listening halfheartedly to the WFMZ news program, I heard of LVWoA and was intrigued. I re-joined Facebook after a several year hiatus from social media to join the group. I have been completing walks with different LVWOA groups about once per week even though dislike the colder weather.

Meeting women of varying ages, experiences, knowledge, and lifestyles has been enlightening. There is always laughter and something to talk about on walks. The overall enjoyment of being in nature brightens my spirit. I am motivated to participate in some of the harder and/ or longer treks and as my personal schedule allows, I will be out there. I appreciate the willingness of women to post/organize each walk/adventure. THANK YOU LVWOA!

— Lisa Gordon


Jackie, you are an inspiration and I love your vision!

This group is exactly what I needed at a really crucial time in my life. After a year of medical issues which have resulted in other issues, knowing that there are many opportunities to join a hike, with other women who all want the same thing is the best medicine for me. Cheers to moving forward step by step to better health and piece of mind.

Thank you for creating this group.

— Doreen Emory


I am SO grateful that I found this group. I'm SO happy to be learning about hiking trails I never knew about. SO excited to be amongst positive cheery women. I'm breathing FRESH air more often instead of indoor office air. The scenery is AMAZING & I'm not as sad this winter because I have found beauty while moving my body!!

— Kirsten Deremer


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